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WalletFrens.xyz is the Worlds most userfriendly wallet tracker for NFT activity and while others charge high monthly fees, our wallet tracker is free! Using WalletFrens.xyz you can follow any wallet addresses or .eth names and be immediately informed about any of their NFT activities, in our newsfeed or via Telegram or email, for example.

  Track wallets free of charge

  Be ahead of the curve in the NFT Space

  Cross-chain NFT wallet monitoring

  Countless notification options (Telegram, E-Mail, Discord)

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Public BETA

​​Welcome to the beta version of WalletFrens.xyz

​Early users are always special and you are very dear to us. Thank you for trusting us, giving us feedback and helping us to improve WalletFrens.xyz. And one thing is for sure: Early users always will be rewarded in Web3 👀

We are a small but highly motivated team and we want to provide you with the world's best wallet tracker, for free. We are working hard to get this done.

Please let us know via Discord if you experience any problems using WalletFrens.xyz. We also welcome your ideas and feedback for the further development of WalletFrens.xyz.

Worlds most userfriendly wallet tracker

While most wallet trackers are complicated and have high monthly fees, WalletFrens is selfexplanatory and free

Cross-chain wallet monitoring

Besides the wallets of others, you can also monitor all your own wallets in one place. Get notified when something changes in your wallets.

Realtime Notifications

Get real-time notifications (e.g. via E-Mail, Discord or Telegram) when wallets you follow list, buy or sell NFTs. We'll make sure you never miss a thing.

Be the first one to know

Which NFTs are listed, bought or sold by wallets you follow? Be the first to know what is happening. Create your own alpha.

Spot opportunities

What NFTs are influencers buying? Is an artist you like minting new NFTs? Don't miss any more opportunities. Create your own alpha.

Airdrop alert

Get Notified when someone drops an NFT into your wallet. Be early when it comes to selling the NFT you received or saying thanks for it.

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Track wallets for free

While others charge hefty monthly fees for wallet tracking, our WalletTracker is free to use. And you don't just get a WalletTracker, you get the Worlds most user-friendly WalletTracker.

Wallet Activity

View NFT transactions from followed wallets in your newsfeed on Walletfrens.wyz, Discuss or share transactions with your network.

Multi Device

Walletfrens is responsive and works on any mobile devices, tablets, and desktops equally.

Get Notified & miss nothing

Be ahead of the curve in the NFT Space. Set up your own wallet lists and custom alerts (e.g. Telegram, Discord or Mail) and create your own alpha.

Wallet or E-Mail Login

We have heard your feedback. You can now login to WalletFrens.xyz using a Web3 wallet login or via email without connecting your wallet

Get Rewards

Belong to our early users who are especially dear to us. And do not forget: Early users always will be rewarded in Web3 👀

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The Founders


Thomas Metzler

CEO & Co-Founder Walletfrens.xyz, Professor
of Entrepreneurship & Innovation.
Entrepreneur, NFT Collector
and Author of MadeMeThink.xyz

More about Thomas: Linktr.ee


Oliver Kuchendorf

CTO & Co-Founder Walletfrens.xyz, Project Manager,
Web3 Developer and Coder.
Digital Artist, NFT Collector

More about Oliver: Linkedin

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